About Transcending Identities


Transcending Identities is an organization founded by Dr. Eunice Avilés Faría, who specializes in gender identity and gender therapy. This organization is born from the pain, cruelty, lack of attention, disrespect, injustice, and ignorance directed toward the transgender and gender variant community observed by Dr. Eunice Avilés in this last decade of her work.


By working with transgender and gender variant individuals from Puerto Rico, United States, India, New Zealand and other countries, Dr. Eunice Avilés learned extensively about the psychological, social, medical, and legal needs of this population.  Moreover, she observed how the necessary mental health and medical services are not always accessible for these individuals.


Dr. Avilés has witnessed firsthand how individuals have been victims of genital mutilation by unqualified surgeons in their journey to alleviate their gender dysphoria.   These types of experiences led Dr. Avilés to develop this organization focused on investigating the needs of these communities and on training those individuals and organizations who provide services to them.



The purpose of Transcending Identities is to train organizations and professionals that serve the transgender and gender variant community, so they can meet and fulfill the psychological, medical, and social needs of transgender and gender variant individuals in a responsible and competent way, which is free from discrimination.



Transcending Identities is an organization committed to improving the quality of life of  transgender and gender variant individuals  through research, professional training and consultation with organizations, including clinics and hospitals, that provide services and/or work with this community to address the psychological, medical, and social needs.


Our Mission reflects our values


• Respect: We recognize the richness of human diversity. We value and respect everyone regardless of their biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, origin, culture, religion, and beliefs.


• Justice and Equality: We believe that all human beings should be treated fairly therefore, all human beings deserve equal access to psychological, medical, and social services to satisfy their personal needs.


• Learning: Through research and interaction with the transgender and gender variant communities and those involved in serving these communities, we learn about their needs and how to satisfy them.


• Communication: We believe in the importance of transmitting clear and reliable information about the transgender and gender variant communities with the purpose of generating knowledge on how to assist the specific needs of this population.


• Cultural sensitivity: We are sensitive to the cultural differences of all people and promote the consideration of these while conducting research and serving transgender and gender variant individuals.




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